Making VoIP calls from China

With a major influx of  people going to or living in China, we have come up with 3 major groups who may need to make calls from China :

  1. Travelers going to China, bring their smart phones with them and would like to make calls.
  2. Company with branches in China, and they would like to keep a VoIP connection within company to keep the communication cost lowest.
  3. Chinese inside China that like to keep communication cost low.

The good news is, With AlienVoIP, calling from China using VoIP is now possible. Our customers have been calling using AlienVoIP daily and is it proven working.

There is no complicated setups and convienient to handle, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of using AlienVoIP. With AlienVoIP services, a call to/from China is no longer an expensive affair when you are planning to call your family, friends or business associates back in your home country such as USA, Canada, Vietnam, Nigeria and so on.

How to call from China?

Calling from China through VoIP is a really simple process because you already have almost all the tools you need to make the cheap VoIP call. VoIP works using computer, telephone and smartphones (iPhone and Android Devices).

  1. Register an AlienVoIP account here.
  2. You can successfully make calls via laptops, hand phones, or telephone adapters.
  3. Follow the steps here, to make calls from your Iphones.
  4. If you are using android phone, follow the steps here.
  5. Please reload your account before you travel oversea.

If you are looking for Telephone adapters or IP-PBX setup for companies, please contact us or take a look here.

Making calls from China to anywhere follows the same rate table.

Listed below

For full list, please take a look here.