Setup Guide for AlienVoIP with Softswitch

AlienVoIP is a great tool to enhance your business communications and make international calls anywhere anytime. Your company can save a lot of money by cutting down your communication costs. We provide setup guide for our users which describe the configuration of several VoIP softswitch such as FreePBX, Asterisk, 3CX PBX for the use with our AlienVoIP system.

VoIP Softswitch

VoIP with FreePBX

FreePBX is an open source GUI used to manage your PBX. This guide below will show you how to setup AlienVoIP SIP Trunks with FreePBx. This is a common setup when using any VoIP provider SIP Trunks.

1. Login to your FreePBX.
VoIP Malaysia FreePBX 1
2. Go to Connectivity > Trunks.
VoIP Malaysia FreePBX 2
3. Click Add SIP Trunk.
VoIP Malaysia FreePBX 3
4. Key in Trunk Name and SIP number (OutBound CallerID). Then, select Force Trunk CID as CID Options.
VoIP Malaysia FreePBX 4
5. Scroll down to Peer Detail, copy the following scripts and register string. Then paste them in the columns accordingly as shown below.

username=****** SIP Number *****
secret=***** SIP Password ****
Register String:
SIP Number:SIP Number

VoIP Malaysia FreePBX 5
Please click above to enlarge image.

Click “Submit Changes” after you have filled in the details accordingly.

VoIP Malaysia FreePBX 9

6. Go to Connectivity > Outbound Routes.
VoIP Malaysia FreePBX 6

7. Insert your Route Name and  key in the dial patterns as _XXXX .
VoIP Malaysia FreePBX 7
8. Scroll down and select AlienVoIP as Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes.
VoIP Malaysia FreePBX 8

9. Click Submit Changes to apply configuration.
VoIP Malaysia FreePBX 9

10. You can start using your FreePBX and enjoy AlienVoIP’s services now!