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SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol(SIP) trunks are telephone line trunks delivered over IP using the SIP protocol. It is different from the traditional old phone lines to connect IP-PBX. SIP is the use of VoIP service to facilitate the connection of PBX or any SIP compatible devices over the internet. A SIP Trunk is a logical connection between an IP PBX and VoIP servers that allows voice over IP traffic to be exchanged between the two. When a call is placed to an external number, PBX acts as an intermediary for the call and send the necessary information to the SIP Trunk provider who establishes the call to the dialed number. All signaling and voice traffic between the PBX and the provider is exchanged using SIP and RTP protocol packets over the IP network.
By inserting the correct parameters into the IP-PBX (the model that supports SIP), you can use your IP-PBX to make outbound VoIP calls. A SIP Trunking service provider will provide a SIP username and SIP password and Registrar IP.

  1. Find out if your IP-PBX support SIP.
  2. Configure the account into the IP-PBX system.
  3. Start enjoying our great rate and great quality.

Steps in using SIP Trunking with AlienVoIP

It is easy to connect to our AlienVoIP server, use it as your SIP trunk, and start making calls.

  1. Register an AlienVoIP account
  2. Get the AlienVoIP username, password, registrar, codec, and network setting
  3. Input the information into your device. Tutorials and guides are available. If your device is not listed, you are welcome to provide us some information on the setting so that we can share it with our clients as well.
  4. Purchase AlienVoIP credit to make nationwide and worldwide calls. The low rate starts from RM0.08/min to mobile and fixed-line.

Techniques of Using AlienVoIP Services

You can use AlienVoIP via several methods.

  1. Use it with softphone, basically no charge at all, find out more about our recommended softphone.
  2. Use it with IP-Phone, find a list of available IP-Phone.
  3. Use it with IP-PBX, aany model that supports SIP is compatible. See more about PBX A420.
  4. Use it with SoftSwitch such as Asterisk, Free PBX, Elastix, etc. Find out more about how to configure SoftSwitch.
  5. Use it with a mobile phone, setup AlienVoIP service in your Android, iOS, and Windows phone easily with Tutorial.
  6. Use it with ATA (telephone Adapter)

Benefits of AlienVoIP with SIP Trunking

Register with AlienVoIP and use it as a SIP trunk does not mean that you will have to make 100% calls through the Internet. But you actually can switch between VoIP and your conventional phone lines, or even use both at the same time.

  1. Use VoIP and conventional phone lines together.
  2. VoIP to VoIP calls is stable. AlienVoIP server is a secured server that lives on the net. The clients that connect to our server are registered and keep alive, helping you to reach your other branch easily.
  3. Save money. Low calling rates.
  4. Enjoy the flexibility of scaling your business
  5. Low maintenance cost
  6. Fast response, great service from our professional VoIP support team.
  7. Good track record, we have been providing VoIP since 2007. It ranges from SME, factories, Call Center to MNC, keeping our customers happy and productive.
  8. We are the direct developer, providing solutions to suit your needs. We constantly update and improve our service to provide you the best VoIP experience.

Please contact our team if you need any support to configure the SIP trunk.