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AlienVoIP offers a range of IP-PBX such as A420 IP-PBX, MyPBX U100, MyPBX U200, MyPBX U520, and so on. These IP-PBX are tested and optimized to work with our AlienVoIP system. They can be mixed and matched with our recommended IP-Phone and in-house AlienVoIP system to produce quality service. We do provide our list of recommended hardware to get the best result of our service.


A401 4 port ip pbx

A420 IP phone system is SIP based and optimized for the small and medium business in daily communications. The A420 4 port IP PBXcan accept 100 user registrations and can manage voice over IP systems cost-effectively.

Based on embedded technology, the A420 series provides a solid, uniform platform for voice as well as data network communications. It offers a seamlessly integrated solution for up-to-date telecommunication needs.

A420 series integrates with NAT functions which makes it perfectly suits for small business. Besides, A420 provides more advanced functions including voice mail to email, web management, and etc. compared to the traditional PBX System functions. A420 IP PBX is designed to run on a variety of VoIP applications, the IP PBX provides IP-based communications, voice conferencing, support paging/intercom, call recording and BLF (Busy Lamp Field) functions.

A420 IP PBX can answer calls via an Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) with customized message/announcement. It also supports call detailed record (CDR) and centralized Auto-Attendant (AA). A420 is similar to all IP-PBX, A420 includes a built-in automatic answering machine, able to carry out an extension to extension call transfers and voicemail recording for incoming calls if they are not routed to a specific user. When there are too many incoming calls,A420 has the feature to create queues according to the service chosen by the caller.

A420 series utilizes standard PSTN lines via the interfaces of the gateway to support seamless communications among local calls, SIP-based endpoints including low-cost long-distance call service, telephone number portability, and one network for both voice and data.


Why AlienVoIP A420?

AlienVoIP Fax with A401

Fax with VoIP A420

AlienVoIP supports fax with VoIP. However, VoIP is optimized for regular voice communication and fax does not transfer well through the VoIP network. Due to this uncertainty, reliability and practicality, we suggest you connect the fax machine directly to the existing analog phone line and bypass your VoIP system.

  1. Connect A420 to your direct incoming line
  2. Connect one FXS (Foreign Exchange Station) to your fax
  3. You can now receive and send fax via the A420 IP-PBX
All AlienVoIP account does not support Fax.

Exclusive A420 IP PBX with SIP Trunking

The A420 can support up to 4 PSTN lines. All PSTN lines will be connected to A420 IP-PBX via the telephone cable (RJ 11 connector), while all IP-Phones will be communicating with A420 via a local network with a network cable (RJ45 connector). AlienVoIP A420 is a SIP-based IP PBX and very suitable for SMEs and small businesses. AlienVoIP A420 is capable to handle 100 registers. With A420 IP PBX you can manage the voice over IP system conveniently and proven cost-effective.

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A400 IP PBX Malaysia Setup with Yealink IP Phones 7A400 IP PBX Malaysia Setup with Yealink IP Phones 1A400 IP PBX Malaysia Setup with Yealink IP Phones 2A400 IP PBX Malaysia Setup with Yealink IP Phones 3

A400 IP PBX Malaysia Setup with Yealink IP Phones 4

A400 IP PBX Malaysia Setup with Yealink IP Phones 5

A400 IP PBX Malaysia Setup with Yealink IP Phones 6

4 Port IP PBX System Capacity

  • 20 Concurrent Calls
  • Up to 100 Extensions
  • 3072 MB Onboard Flash
  • Recording (GSM): 8000 min
  • Voicemail (GSM): 8000 min
  • Support FTP server