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Why Alien VoIP ?

How to Save phone bills with VoIP?

A typical company research in Malaysia

We would like to explore how a typical company with 20 employee save their phone bills in Malaysia. There are so many cost saving companies in Malaysia. All of them must have ASP license, you can find the ASP licensee here.

In Malaysia, a typical company will have 2 phones and 1 fax line. For business, the rental is RM 45 per month, with 5% government tax, well just make it RM 50 per line. So now you have RM 150 to pay per month.

Next, the company will allow employees to call out via the lines. Let’s say the company call out within Malaysia fix line for 40 minutes per day for each line and 90 minutes per day for Malaysia Mobile Phone and fax out 30 minutes per day. The rate for standard Telekom rate is RM 0.04 per minute and RM 0.30 per minute for Mobile Phones.

Telekom Normal Rate

This chart is for 1 month (22 working day)

Let’s say you already committed to Telekom Smart Call, your call rate is Malaysia Local RM 0.14 and Malaysia Mobile is RM 0.15, lets see what is the difference then

Telekom Smart Call Rate

This chart is for 1 month (22 working days)

Now, let’s see the difference with our Web ASP autodialer.
Assume the rate is the same with Telekom and Locally you use Telekom.

Web ASP auto dialer Rate

This chart is for 1 month (22 working days)

Now, lets say you use our unique AlienVoIP.

AlienVoIP Rate

This chart is for 1 month (22 working day)

Simple enough, the company have saved from RM 1490.79 to RM 614.02, which is 58.8% per month. Just imagine, how much is the saving for 1 year. The company have more phones to call out and more saving per month.

Therefore, the company choose 2 system from us, which is WEB ASP  autodialer and AlienVoIP together. It helps the company to stay competitive, gain more productivity while reducing costs. The company then prosper and expand into a company with 500 employees, and they use more services from us.

Please contact us to discuss more about VoIP or Web ASP Auto Dialer.