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VoIP and PABX /KeyPhone system

PABX or KeyPhone system are very old technology and it is stable. So, if your company is using one of it, why change? If it serves you well, then we do not recommend you to change your system, but we strongly recommend you to add VoIP functionality to your system to enjoy the benefit of VoIP system.

Typically, your company have a device that accept phone lines from telecommunication provider. Telecommunication providers refer to any fix line phone number provider. In Malaysia, it refers to Telekom Malaysia, one and only fixed line provider in Malaysia.

The phone line arrive at your company via 3 interface, which is with RJ 11, RJ 45 or Coaxial line. Anyway, lets make it simpler, if your phone lines are less than 30 numbers, most probable you are using RJ 11 and if you have 30 or more lines, you are using RJ 45 or other.

Simple PABX and VoIP



After we know what kind of your phone lines are, the next thing that we need to know is how many ports (co port) you have. It means that you need to take a look at the device that connect your telekom incoming line to your phone system, probably behind the device, you will see wires going into your phone system.

Find out from your vendor or your maintenance manager, how many CO ports you still have. This is very important because you should threat AlienVoIP (VoIP provider) as another telekom and you are now wanting to install new VoIP phone lines to your company.

Lets assume you have 3 lines coming in from Telekom, means that you have 2 phone lines and 1 fax line, tyically you will have 2 co cards each with 4 ports, therefore you have 8 ports.



Now, we add in 1 line from The line will be coming from internet, to your PABX/Keyphone system, make use of the empty port at your PABX. Then we make some changes to your PABX setting, we set the VoIP line as priority, when any extensions make calls, the PABX will try to pickup AlienVoIP line first.

So, your final setup is simple as that.
Please contact us if you need more information.