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XS AlienVoIP with Adore Softphone

Adore SIP Softphone comes with an intuitive Graphical User Interface and can be easily customized. It’s designed with SIP technology that can be used to make outbound phone calls from PC to telephone. Since SIP softphone uses Microsoft’s g723.1 codec, it can be used in all versions of Microsoft Windows without the need of external codecs and gives excellent call quality even in dial-up connection.

Hurry up! Get a AlienVoIP SIP account with one of the validated SIP Providers and use the Adore SIP Client to start making and receiving calls all around the world. Enjoy our lowest AlienVoIP call rate right now!

Benefits of Using AlienVoIP in Adore Phone

Cost Efficiency
The most important benefit of AlienVoIP technology is cost efficiency, which in turn adds to the savings of consumers and companies using it. You will have a lot of cost savings by using AlienVoIP for Adore softphone because there is no surcharges and no taxes. Generally, it saves around 30% to 50% off the traditional phone bills, and sometimes more. It may not sound as lucrative for individuals, but if large organizations are considered, the savings can be in the millions. Apart from that, all major international cards are accepted and no minimum usage requirement by using AlienVoIP. There is only an actual usage billed to monthly credit card. By using AlienVoIP, users can make a call to their destination with the lowest calling rate by using a single communication device.

AlienVoIP users can access at wherever they go, accessing the system via any internet connection. This anytime and anywhere access is crucial for a mobile workforce, accommodating workers stationed abroad, in transit, or simply telecommuting from home. With a AlienVoIP hard-phone or a regular phone with a AlienVoIP adapter, users can make calls from around the world from anyplace where there is high-speed Internet access. And these calls will be relatively cheap, too. In addition, wireless AlienVoIP can take advantage of low cost calls from anywhere there is a WiFi hotspot around the globe. Typical spots may be airports, hotels, cafes and other locations.

How to use AlienVoIP with Adore Softphone

Step 1 : Download and install Adore Premium at Adore Premium Website. Follow the instructions and complete the installation.
Step 2 : Run Adore Premium for the first time and click Option.
Access for settings

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Step 3 : Open “Accounts Configuration” then select “Account 1” to create an new account.
Setup AlienVoIP account

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** If you haven’t registered an SIP account through our AlienVoIP, please click HERE to guide you for registration.

UserName: your SIP Username (Phoneline)
Password: your SIP Password (Line Password)
Registrar: (SIP Proxy Server)

Get information from AlienVoIP Management System

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Step 4 : Enter your SIP account information by referring to AlienVoIP Management System then click Apply.
Fill in information with AlienVoIP Information System

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Step 5 : Click Codec.
Setup for codec

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Step 6 : Select iLBC/8000/1 for Enable Codec and remove other codecs to the Disable Codec region, then click Apply followed by OK.
Setup for codec

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Step 7 : Fill the details and click Login to access Adore Premium.
Login to Adore Premium

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Step 6 : Now, you may dial the destination number that you want to call and click

Call to make a call. Enjoy our lowest

AlienVoIP call rate now.

For international call, remember to enter 00 first, follow by country code, area code and lastly your destination number.

Dial your destination number

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