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XS Telephone Adapter

Using AlienVoIP SIP account with VoIP telephone adapter

AlienVoIP SIP account with VoIP telephone adapter

AlienVoIP SIP account with VoIP telephone adapter

VoIP telephone adapter is use to connect a normal analog phone to internet. If you have IP phone, you will not need a telephone adapter.

Alien Voip Manual - TA200 Adapter


Our telephone adapter is model TA200.

As the picture shows, the TA200 is connected to computer, internet, and 2 analog phone. You simply pick up the phone 1 or phone 2 and them dial as usual, for example, 0123456789 to Maxis hand phone and 006512345678 is calling to Singapore.

Dial Plan

  1. Dial 0123456789 to Maxis hand phone.
  2. Dial 006512345678 is calling to Singapore

Any VoIP telephone adapter should be able to connect to conventional PBX as well, with the setup, a whole office can share a few SIP account, it is just like subscribing to any telephone line.

Please contact us immediately for any questions.

How to setup AlienVoIP with VoIP Telephone Adapter?

Step 1 : Open your browser then enter . Login with username admin and password admin.
Alienvoip SIP
Step 2 : Record down the first 2 character and last 2 character of mac address(eg. 00 and D9 in the picture below).
Step 3 : Press back to back to login menu and enter username admin and password is(last 2 character+ first 2 character+mbta200) For example:d900mbta200.

SIP Client Informationas below by referring to AlienVoIP Management System.
User ID: SIP Username(Phoneline)
Password: SIP Password(Line Password)
Display Name: SIP Username(Phoneline)
SIP Proxy Sever:
SIP Domian Server:
Port: 5060
Get information from AlienVoIP Management System
Step 4 : After login,go to SIP Configuration and enter the SIP Server information(primary and secondary for backup)

** Please click HERE to contact us for registration if you haven’t registered a SIP account via AlienVoIP.

Step 5 : After finished fill in all required field click on update.Then it will go to the page below then press Reset and Continue.
Step 6 : You will now see the registration status is registering and the light of phone 1 and phone 2 at the TA200 is blinking. If successful registered, the light will stop blinking.
Step 7 : You will see see the registration status is registed if you have connected. Enjoy the lowest AlienVoIP calling rate now.
Please contact our team if you need any support to configure SIP trunk at your PBX.