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XS Analog PBX with AlienVoIP

Using AlienVoIP SIP Account with VoIP Analogue PBX

Analog PBX VoIP is telephone system that is capable of handling calls and phone logs.Analog PBX is a traditional PBX system which require extensive phone wirings.

AlienVoIP is connected to either TA 200, PBX or Alien VoIP Smart Switch in Analog PBX. Activating your AlienVoIP SIP account, the Analog PBX can enable you to make calls to PSTN network. This is because of our mobile phone and telephones or computer are stay in PSTN network or GSM network.

By using AlienVoIP SIP account in Analog PBX, the whole office will benefit from the conventional method.

AlienVoIP Analogue PBX

AlienVoIP Analogue PBX

Various Analogue PBX Products

Dial Plan

Any VoIP telephone adapter should be able to connect to conventional PBX as well, with the setup, a whole office can share a few SIP account, it is just like subscribing to any telephone line.
  1. Dial 0123456789 to Maxis handphone.
  2. Dial 006512345678 is calling to Singapore

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