Malaysia 1800 87 7061   KL Branch +603 2780 3880
PG +604 642 0621   JB +607 361 8927  


Malaysian Local Number for India Call Center (Chennai)

What is the tariff details for the following items?

  1. Monthly rental/Tariff
  2. Outgoing Call /min.(Mobile Phone and Fixed Phone)
  3. Incoming call/min(If applicable)
  4. Any special rates or discounts?

AlienVoIP Solution:

  1. RM 25 per month rental will be charged for your Malaysian DID number. The first six months rental will be collected in advance.
  2. Outgoing calls (From Malaysian numbers to your Malaysian DID number [Server] and diverts to your number in Chennai) will be charged at RM 0.14 per minute.
  3. Incoming call (From Chennai to your Server in Malaysia and to Malaysian numbers [Fixed line/Mobile phone numbers]) will be charges at RM 0.13 for mobile phone numbers and RM 0.11 for fixed line numbers.
  4. To have special discount or not will depend on your monthly usage. For example, for your incoming call, you may enjoy up to 30% discount if your monthly usage is very high, for example RM 500 per month.

We have included a diagram for you to understand the system better. To use our AlienVoIP services, you will have to sign up to our AlienVoIP VoIP prepaid plans, it is available from RM 30 onwards. The ‘call rates per minute’ will go lower as your prepaid credits go higher. Also, you will get to enjoy free credits as well for high usage. For example, if you go for RM 100 prepaid credits, you will enjoy RM 2 free credits. RM 500 prepaid credits, will enable you to enjoy RM 15 of free credits!

VoIP Malaysia India Call Center with DID

Please bear in mind that the Malaysian DID number can only accept one call at a time, and it will not be able to accept another call if the first call is still connected. In order for you to accept more calls all at once, you will have to subscribe to more lines depending on how many calls do you expect to receive at any particular time of a day. However, the good news is, for you to call from Chennai to Malaysian numbers, you can make unlimited calls all at once as long as your internet bandwidth allows.

On top of everything else, I believe you already have a PaBX system installed in your office. That will be needed in order to access to our AlienVoIP. Another alternative (if you have yet to install PaBX) is to have an IP-PaBX. If both options are unavailable, you will need to have a computer or an internet accessible smart phone with SIP numbers provided by AlienVoIP.

For RM 30 credits, we can allow 2 SIP numbers. The allowed quantity of SIP numbers will be more if you go for higher prepaid credits. However, for more SIP numbers, please contact us for more details.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to list them out and contact us. We will try our best to assist you.