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XS CRM Software with VoIP Feature

Step 1:

voip malaysia register alienvoip account

Register an AlienVoIP account by going to > Member login > Register. Fill in all necessary fields and complete the registration.

Step 2:

voip malaysia activation email

You will receive an activation email. Click the link and key in your prepaid card serial no (if you have one already).

Step 3:

voip malaysia free demo credits

Get your FREE demo credits! Just enter your phone number here and click submit.

Step 4:

voip malaysia voip portal login

Use your username and password to login to the VoIP Portal.

Step 5:

voip malaysia reload credit

Click on “Reload” tab on the left and key in the serial number into the columns given.

Step 6:

voip malaysia pos client contact

Start POS Client and navigate to Contact > Contact List and click “New” to add new contact.

Step 7:

voip malaysia call contact

Select the number you wish to contact in the contact list and click “Call” icon on the right section.

Step 8:

voip malaysia alienvoip account

A new window will appear. Go to File > AlienVoIP Account.

Step 9:

voip malaysia set voip call

Go to your VoIP Portal. Use your SIP Username (Display Name & User Name), SIP Password (Password), SIP Proxy (Host IP), SIP Port (SIP Port) and click “Save”.

Step 10:

voip malaysia reg voip call

Register by clicking “Reg” until Registration is successful. Click on “Call” button to call the specific contact via VoIP in CRM Software.

Step 11:

voip malaysia call remark

You can type in remarks in the empty section provided during the call and click “Update”.

Step 12:

voip malaysia call detail history

Click on “Call Details” to see Call details history and remarks.