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AlienVoIP One Stop Solution for VoIP Services & PBX Equipment

As one of the best VoIP providers in Malaysia, we offer you one stop solution. You do not have to look separately for VoIP service provider and PBX equipment provider. AlienVoIP provides everything from PBX system equipment, discounted calls, technical consultation from trained engineers and installation.

Buy PBX Equipment & Maintenance

Traditionally, a company purchases or rents the equipments for PBX systems. With PBX, you can perform call transfers, holding a call, receive voice mail and so on. It depends on which model and brand, PBX system can be expensive to purchase and involves costly maintenance as well as upgrades.

Discounted Call or VoIP Services

As time passes, many company’s old PBX system and equipment starts to deteriorate and insufficient to support today’s usage volume. This is when AlienVoIP is able to help your company. Instead of spending tens and thousands of dollars for a sophisticated phone system, register with AlienVoIP and start accessing your phone service through the broadband internet.

All your office calls will be re-routed through AlienVoIP’s server network with quality clear voice and reliable call connection. All for just a fraction of what the others in the market are charging. You get to keep your existing phone numbers, enjoy modern phone functions (intercom, caller ID, call forwarding, voice mail and so on).