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WiFi Access Point Solution

WiFi Access Point

WiFi Access Point

How does a WiFi Access Point (AP) Device work?

A WiFi Access Point device allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network using Wi-Fi. It is often used by businesses to strengthen internet connection within a building and also reduce cabling hassle through walls and ceilings.

It is usually connect to a main modem with router. As illustrated on the left, it can be placed on Level 1 or wherever the internet connection is the strongest. WiFi Access Point Device can be placed on Level 2. It receives the wireless internet connection from the main modem with router situated on level 1. With this device, the internet signal will be stronger as it acts as a booster of internet connection.


WiFi AP Device is suitable for:

  • Companies situated in high-rise building
  • Multiple offices within the same company
  • Call Centers

Benefits of using a WiFi AP Device

  • Do not need to purchase multiple modem with router
  • Needless to run many internet cables through walls and ceilings
  • Network-enabled devices can be connected to the internet easily

Recommended Wireless Access Point Device

Asus RT-N12HP Range Extender Router N300

Asus RT-N12HP Range Extender Router N300

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ASUS RT-N12HP High Power Wireless Router supports the High Power wireless performance. Uniquely equipped with a built-in signal amplifier, the RT-N12HP produces a true 300% increase in wireless transmit power over a standard 802.11n wireless router that enhances signal strength and doubles the range.

  • Multiple 3-in-1 Router/Access Point/Range Extender Wireless Modes
  • 3-Step Easy Setup
  • Excellent Wireless Signal and Antenna Transmission
  • 3 Detachable external 9dbi High Gain Antennas
  • Powerful Online Multitasking