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Preliminary VoIP Checklist

Preliminary VoIP Checklist

Not sure where to start? Familiar yourself with some basic knowledge about the requirement to setup VoIP and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) System in your office.

NOTE: The VoIP checklist is for your reference.

Networking Environment

InternetInternet is require when making outgoing calls. You can still receive incoming calls witohut internet connection.
Broadband speedWe would recommend 1 Mbits upload and 512 Kbits download (normal Streamyx speed) for 4 concurrent calls. 20 Mbits is sufficient for 100 calls or more. The higher the speed, the better the performance.
LAN environmentLAN (local area network) needs to be installed in your office for internet network purposes. Every desk will have one LAN port. The LAN port can be used for VoIP purposes as well. Traditional phone will have to connect to RJ11 jack. However, we only need LAN cables, and with 1 port, you can separate to multiple ports with Switch or IP-Phones itself.
WiFi connectionVoIP over WiFi is achievable by configuration. As long as you have an IP-PBX, a WiFi, and correct VoIP client, then you can have VoIP over WiFi.

Platform to Call

PC or MacYou can install various softphone application into your computer to make calls. You can still receive call via softphone as well.
IP-PhonesIP-Phones provide the best voice quality, depending on how many IP-Phones you need to install. Each IP phone comes with two network port, it will not occupied your current network port.
Mobile PhoneYou can use your mobile phone to connect to the PBX while you are in your office. Unless it has a real IP, the mobile phone will not be able to register to the PBX out side your office. Using this configuration, you will be able to use your mobile phone as an extensions in your office.
ATAATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) provides a bridge for conventional phones to connect to VoIP network. With ATA, you can connect to IP-PBX using conventional phone.


IP-PBXWe recommend A401 IP-PBX for SMEs which provide many features including IVR (interactive voice response), call recordings, call record, call forwarding, passing and etc.
Other IP-PBXWith any standard SIP PBX, you will be able to connect to AlienVoip network.

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