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IP-PBX and PBX Installation

IP-PBX Installation & Maintenance

AlienVoIP provides superior VoIP service at a discounted price. We would recommend you to install IP PBX system to maximise your savings return. Your company will then share a few phone lines or ATA (analog telephone adapter). The concept is similar to phone line system from telecom, your company may subscribe up to 4 phone lines (hunting lines) from telecoms and share the resource to the entire office.

IP PBX System is not only well established technology but also long lasting. Many companies in Malaysia have their IP PBX system working for more than 2 decades. It is definitely your long term business telephony solution, ensuring a continuing cost reduction in your company.


Limitation of Analog System

Analog systems have supported businesses for decades. They boast good voice quality, and have the basic features you might find useful such as hold, mute, redial, and speed dial. They may also be able to transfer calls between extensions but trouble arise when the company wants to expand.

Because of their simplicity and limited potential for expansion, they are an economical solution to your company. Buying analog is cheaper in the short-term, but will lock you into a closed system that requires adapters or expansion card to integrate with common applications and sometimes left you with no option but to replace the entire your analog system.



With IP-PBX, you can add ulimited phones or extensions. You can actually eliminating the needs of old telephone jack, with only RJ 45 Internet cable. IP-Phone (~RM150) is slightly expensive than ordinary analog phone (~RM150). However, you gain more flexibility for adds, moves, and changes in the long run.


Type of IP-PBX Installation

  • New Office
  • Expanding Office
  • Replace your current PBX
  • DIY (do it yourself)VoIP
    New Office

    Telecommunication plays an important role in an organisation regardless of its size. There are few thing you need to take note before starting up a new office – cost, productivity and room for future expansion. You can now achieve all these IP PBX System and AlienVoIP service – minimal network cables, phone lines, ports and wiring.

    1. Our representative will go through a preliminary check base on your company telephone and internet usage.
    2. You will recommendation the right package based on your business requirement and provide you quotation at the same time.
    3. *Configuration can be done within ONE (1) business day. Free installation within Klang Valley, Penang and Johor.
    4. Call Report is available in AlienVoIP member console page.
    5. Setting up new IP-phone is easy and can be done by yourself.
    Expanding Office

    For office expansion, you can add extensions via few options below.

    1. Purchase IP-Phone from us and configure it yourself.
    2. We can help you to configure remotely if you need further assistance.
    3. Connect your IP-Phone to the LAN port to complete the setup.
    Replace your current PBX

    There are many reasons to replace your current PBX. One of the main reasons is the PBX is not expandable anymore. Others could be the PBX’s card outdated/failure.

    1. Get an IP PBX A401. It supports up to 100 extensions
    2. Purchase AlienVoIP credit and use to make calls via SIP Trunk.

    Changing to VoIP environment requires you to change all of your conventional phones to IP-Phones. If you wish to maintain your conventional phones, you will need to install cards into the IP-PBX to support conventional phone.

    DIY (Do It Yourself) VoIP

    You can always use any VoIP-compatible devices with AlienVoIP account.

    1. Register AlienVoip account.
    2. Purchase VoIP credits.
    3. Use it with Softphone/ IP phone and configure the system accordingly.
    4. Start making calls.