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VoIP related articles

AlienVoIP One Stop Solution for VoIP Services & PBX Equipment

As one of the best VoIP providers in Malaysia, we offer you one stop solution. You do not have to look separately for VoIP service provider and PBX equipment provider. AlienVoIP provides everything from PBX system equipment, discounted calls, technical consultation from trained engineers and installation.

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Making VoIP calls from China

With a major influx of  people going to or living in China, we have come up with 3 major groups who may need to make calls from China :

  1. Travelers going to China, bring their smart phones with them and would like to make calls.
  2. Company with branches in China, and they would like to keep a VoIP connection within company to keep the communication cost lowest.
  3. Chinese inside China that like to keep communication cost low.

The good news is, With AlienVoIP, calling from China using VoIP is now possible. Our customers have been calling using AlienVoIP daily and is it proven working.

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VoIP and PABX /KeyPhone system

PABX or KeyPhone system are very old technology and it is stable. So, if your company is using one of it, why change? If it serves you well, then we do not recommend you to change your system, but we strongly recommend you to add VoIP functionality to your system to enjoy the benefit of VoIP system.

Typically, your company have a device that accept phone lines from telecommunication provider. Telecommunication providers refer to any fix line phone number provider. In Malaysia, it refers to Telekom Malaysia, one and only fixed line provider in Malaysia.

The phone line arrive at your company via 3 interface, which is with RJ 11, RJ 45 or Coaxial line. Anyway, lets make it simpler, if your phone lines are less than 30 numbers, most probable you are using RJ 11 and if you have 30 or more lines, you are using RJ 45 or other.

Simple PABX and VoIP



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Why Alien VoIP ?

How to Save phone bills with VoIP?

A typical company research in Malaysia

We would like to explore how a typical company with 20 employee save their phone bills in Malaysia. There are so many cost saving companies in Malaysia. All of them must have ASP license, you can find the ASP licensee here.

In Malaysia, a typical company will have 2 phone and 1 fax line. For business, the rental is RM 45 per month, with 5% government tax, well just make it RM 50 per line. So now you have RM 150 to pay per month.

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