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AlienVoIP Softphone App

AlienVoIP Softphone App for iOS, Android and Windows Phones

A softphone is a software program that allows you to communicate using a general purpose computer, rather than using dedicated hardware. It is a part of a VoIP software that acts as an interface like a normal phone,with a display panel and buttons with which the user can interact using your mouse or keypad as well as provides other phone functions using a screen which is your computer and your mouse.

Turn your cell phone,device or computer into a fully-ifeatured VoIP softphone with AlienVoIP Softphone App. AlienVoIP is a great new way for you to make and receive calls anywhere and anytime with our VoIP technology. You are able to save cost on your phone bills with our lowest VOIP calling rates.

By creating an Caller ID in your registered AlienVoIP account, you can just make or receive a call anywhere thru any of your devices such as iPhone, Android, PC as well as TA 200. Besides that, you can also create multiple Caller ID or phone line with one account in AlienVoIP.


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