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AlienVoIP with ElastixPBX

Step 1
Please login to your ElastixPBX system.

VoIP Malaysia with Elastix 1

Step 2
Go to PBX tab as shown.

VoIP Malaysia with Elastix 2

Step 3
Go to ‘Trunks’ located on the side bar, then click on ‘Add SIP Trunk’

VoIP Malaysia with Elastix 3

Step 4
Fill up the your SIP account information as shown below.

VoIP Malaysia with Elastix 4

Trunk Name: Give a meaning full name to your trunk
Outbound Caller ID: This should be your SIP username
CID Options: Please set it to “Force Trunk CID”

Step 5
Fill up outgoing details as shown below.

VoIP Malaysia with Elastix 5

Trunk Name: Should be the same as trunk name you have given in step 4
Peers Details: Please copy from text below to fill it up, replacing username and secret with your SIP username and SIP password.


Step 6
Leave incoming settings empty, skip to registration, replace with appropriate values and submit your changes.

Step 7
Next, go to Outbound Routes to add a route.

VoIP Malaysia with Elastix 6

VoIP Malaysia with Elastix 7

Route Name: Give your route name a meaning full name
Dial Patterns: Follow the pattern as shown in the image
Trunk: Choose the trunk that you have just created

And then submit your changes.

Once you have registered an extension to your ElastixPBX, any calls made should be routed through AlienVoIP.

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