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Office Phone System Solutions

VoIP Solutions for Your Office (IP-PBX)


Introducing IP-PBX

IP-PBX (Private Branch Exchange System) is a hybrid system using both Analog PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

VoIP gateways can be used together with traditional PBX functionality to allow businesses to use their managed intranet for cost-saving purposes. When your office is switching over from the traditional telephone line to Voice-Over-IP (VoIP services), you would need sufficient internet broadband bandwidth and the right equipment. Determining this information will enable our AlienVoIP representative to help and advise you further.


Before Implementing PBX …

VoIP Equipment

AlienVoIP supports a wide range of IP Phones, telephone adapters, and accessories to meet your unique business needs.

Power Failure

Always get a backup plan. Install a POE switch as a backup system so your powered IP Phones can still be working during power outages.

Internet QoS (Quality of Service)

Determining bandwidth speed to ensure your internet is capable to handle VoIP traffic with regular internet usage.


VoIP Phones and IP PBX Equipments (Hardware)

Apart from VoIP x PBX Bundle, we do provide a full set of PBX hardware and accessories ranging from IP-phone, phone adapters, routers, headset to PoE switches . Feel free to upgrade your existing phone system in your office.

View more accessories in e-Market – our online marketplace.


A Little Bit More to Know…

New IP-PBX Setup
  • Do you have an IT specialist in your company?
  • Where is your office located?
  • What is your subscription internet plan? (eg: Unifi 5Mbps)
  • How many network devices available in your office? Heavy usage internal network?
  • Are you using IDS/IPS/Firewall in your office? (If yes, please name.)
  • How many phone extensions do you wish to have?
How Much Bandwidth do I need?

How much bandwidth you need depends on how many employees and IP-phone your office has. High bandwidth allocation would keep your conversation free of disruptions.

  • High-speed internet or fiber-optic broadband services
  • Internet service speed with 1.0Mbps onwards
  • AlienVoIP supports G.723, G.729, GSM and iLBC codecs.
Router & QoS

Good network design is critical to ensure a stable and reliable VoIP installation. Poor routers will impact VoIP call quality. Thus, quality routers act as a powerful backbone to ensure full performance of your VoIP equipment.

    • No QoS

Voice traffic and regular internet traffic in your office are sharing the same internet connection

  • Router enabled QoS

Voice traffic and regular internet traffic in your office are sharing the same internet connection, but your router can prioritize Voice traffic.


  • Separated Traffic

Voice traffic and regular internet traffic are separated onto two different internet connections and networks. Suitable for larger offices with 5 or more employees.