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AlienVoIP Call Center Solution

AlienVoIP Call Center Solution

If your company needs to set up an outbound call center, here’s a quick checklist of technical things that you should consider & the technical aspects that we can help.

Technical Checklist for Setting Up a Call Center

attendance system hrm

Time Attendance

Firstly, your call center is run by a human, so you will need devices to record the user’s time attendance. There are a few solutions for the call center to record attendance.

  1. Use fingerprint reader & attendance software
  2. Use login time inside the CRM system

Here, we recommend a fingerprint reader software, because most of the time, call out performance is measured by numbers of customers called or number of success case.

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For time attendance, you can use our time attendance module which is offline, and able to sync data online from your call center, if the internet is available and set to sync.

Out Channel

The conventional telephone uses analog phone lines to provide phone service, each phone line is capable of one channel at one time. That means one person can call out or answer a phone call at a time.

So, to set up a call center, you need to decide how many concurrent calls out channels you need.

However, if you subscribe to VoIP services, you shouldn’t be worrying about our channel as VoIP is running on digital internet, the is no hardware limitation to the channels. It is scale-able, so you can add as many seats or operators to make outgoing calls as you want.

In Channel

Depend on your call center, if you want to receive phone calls, you need to provide many users to call in, depend on how much-estimated traffic, you decide how many phone lines should be put standby for users to call in. There are two types of IN channels available.

  1. Subscribe to DID numbers for users to call into the VoIP network.
  2. Subscribe to telephone companies’ phone numbers, and pull physical cables into the office.

With the VoIP, we can expand without involving any hardware changes, but most of the time, phone cables pulled from telephone companies require you to modify your IP-PBX.

caller id voip

Caller ID

When your agent makes calls to customers, you want to display phone numbers as a Caller ID so that the customers can call back. The ability to modify Caller ID is also a technical concern when you set up a call center.

IP-PBX / Server

IP-PBX or server is used to distribute calls to phones. If you are doing an inbound call center, the IP-PBX is important to record all the calls, waiting time, and etc. If you are doing an out bound call center, all the IP-Phones, or softphones will be connected to the IP-PBX and to make calls out. Each calls, in or out are recorded in CDR (Call Detail Records), and the CDR is very important for reporting and analysis purposes.

voip softphoneCall Center Solution


Softphones are software installed into the PC for calling purposes. Your agent can answer and make calls via the computer. AlienVoIP provides an offline CRM with an integrated softphone inside. By using a softphone, you can eliminate the IP-Phones.


Typical call center prepare each seat a computer for receiving calls and calling out. This computer shall be loaded with the application or web application of CRM to update customer’s information upon calling.


VoIP uses network, there are some key factors you should take into consideration.

  1. Bandwidth in and out
  2. Firewall (VoIP will use UDP and firewall should be VoIP friendly)
  3. Shared network, please provide enough bandwidth for VoIP and multiple concurrent calls.
  4. Wifi and LAN cable installation
  5. Security if VoIP will be hijacked or hacked.

Call Center Headsets

A headset is needed because your operators will be entering data, searching for data with their PC while making calls. Call Center Headsets are available for PC or IP-Phones.

crm voip softphone account

Customer list

No matter running outbound or inbound call centers, customer lists are the most important. You must have the ability to:

  1. Distribute contact list to operators
  2. Let operators update the customer’s records.

Assign Contacts to Operators

With our offline CRM client and call predictive dialer, you are able to assign contacts to operators. Let them update the customers information, share the data, etc.


Call Recording

All calls can be recorded inside the IP-PBX and can be downloaded as voice files to play inside the PC. Depend on the size of your hard-disk, you can download recorded files into your hard-disk for an archive.

CRM Update Customers Records

While operators making calls, they will need to update and search customer’s information. Therefore you should have a CRM system in place. Currently, we do provide two types of CRM, which are offline and online cloud-based.

CDR Analysis

Call detail records are stored inside the IP-PBX. You can download the CDR for analysis purposes. You can use Excel for data analysis purposes.


WWe are here to help you with your reporting needs. If any reports that you need are not available, please do let us know to help you add to the system.



Call Center Features

  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • Queue Strategies
  • Automated Attendant
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Caller Experience
  • Call Recording
  • Call Center Statistics (call duration and other reports)
  • Work on both prepaid and postpaid packages
  • A choice between landline and mobile line routes
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The call center industry can be challenging these days because of the different requirements for call campaigns. AlienVoIP Call Center provides great features with long uptime and reliable service. It is a cost-effective option for businesses to manage their incoming and outgoing calls.

In a VoIP call center, data packets run over Internet Protocol, rather than the traditional switch network. Instead of owning, hosting, or operating on the equipment, clients only pay us on monthly basis with a minimum of 6 months subscription. This allows call centers to pay for only the minutes that they use, rather than investing in hardware and facilities, making it a much more affordable solution.

You can process thousands of calls per second and optimize your account for call center traffic by using a separate rate table to suit your company’s budget. AlienVoIP supports high-volume call center traffic to more than 200 countries worldwide such as India, USA, UK, China and Australia.


How VoIP Call Center Works?

Call Center Solution

Incoming Calls

Calls received from the client will be routed to your registered call center number (Any number of your choice in any country). The client will be directed by an automated attendant- IVR (Interactive Voice Recorder) which they can input their inquiries via a keypad.

Outgoing Calls

Outgoing calls made by your call center will be routed to your client’s mobile or fixed-line. Calls will be charged according to the selected destination calling rates.

Note: No monthly subscription fees for AlienVoIP prepaid plans. Please make sure you have sufficient credit to make calls.