*** With effect from 01 April 2015, our invoicing is subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 6% for compliance with the prevailing laws, guidelines and rulings required by the relevant authorities.

We will start charging 6% GST on top of prepaid payment purchase.

Eg: We charge total RM106 for RM100 airtime reload . RM6 for GST


Office PBX 18 Package

Office PBX 18

Office PBX 23 Package

Office PBX 23

Office PBX 36 Package

Office PBX 36

Office PBX 48 Package

Office PBX 48

Office PBX 55 Package

AlienVoIP Call Center Package 2

Office PBX 99 Package

Office PBX 99

AlienVoIP provides VoIP services to Asia countries. We serve customers in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and Thailand. If you own a business in Singapore, please click here to view AlienVoIP Singapore. With implementation of VoIP system in your company, you can start to save money on your phone bill and enjoy the flexibility of VoIP services. Without compromising voice quality, we use only the premium route for the best experience of our customers. Along side with VoIP, we provide hardwares such as IP-PBX, IP-Phones, call center headsets and other. We believe that our one stop solution will help customers to excel in their business.

AlienVoIP use SIP protocol to initiate VoIP calls. If you have any SIP compatible device, you will be able to utilize AlienVoIP SIP account within. Basically, AlienVoIP supports many VoIP client. Once you setup the required parameters into the device, your calls later would be handle by AlienVoIP. One AlienVoIP account can host multiple SIP numbers, it means that you can share an account with your colleague or employees.

AlienVoIP.com has been offering VoIP service to corporates since 2007, our customers are ranging from small business with 3 people up to Multi-national company with thousand of employees.

  • High speed Voice over IP service for your business.
  • Helps business to make phone calls via Internet, thus enjoy the vast benefits VoIP could offer.
  • Best voice quality available with VoIP, plus the saving you can recover comparing to your current Telecommunications provider

Mobile VoIP Top Destinations

Malaysia VoIP RateMalaysia
Mobile 0.1
Fixed 0.08
Singapore VoIP RateSingapore
Mobile 0.08
Fixed 0.08
Indonesia VoIP RateIndonesia
Mobile 0.35
Fixed 0.35
Philippines VoIP RatePhilippines
Mobile 0.55
Fixed 0.55
Malaysia, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Vietnam, South Korea, Cambodia, Brunei, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Langka, Laos, Nigeria, Chad, Guinea

VoIP Installation for Offices / Factories

Click HERE to know more about AlienVoIP's bundled solutions.

VoIP Installation for Mobile

VoIP Installation for Mobile

IP PBX Installation

VoIP Installation for Mobile

VoIP Call Centre Installation

VoIP Installation for Mobile

VoIP Hardwares

VoIP Hardwares

Benefit of registering an account with AlienVoIP

Register with AlienVoIP and use it as a SIP trunk does not mean you need to make 100% calls through Internet. You can switch between VoIP and your conventional phone lines, or even use both at the same time.
  1. Use VoIP and conventional phone line together.
  2. VoIP to VoIP calls is stable. AlienVoIP server is a secured server live on net. The clients that connect to our server is registered and keep alive, helping you to reach your other branch easily. Otherwise if you do not subscribe to server based VoIP, you may always experience lost of connections.
  3. Save a bunch of money
  4. Enjoy the flexibility of scaling your business
  1. Low maintenance cost
  2. Fast response, great service from our professional VoIP support team.
  3. Good track record, we have been providing VoIP service since 2007 to industries, factories and SME, keeping our customer happy and productive
  4. We are the direct VoIP wholesale and developer , providing voip solutions to suit you, our AlienVoIP keep on update and improve to provide the best experience to our customer.

AlienVoIP IP PBX Installation and Maintenance

Member Portal Features

Once you have registered an AlienVoIP account, you can access to our member page here. With member page, you are in control of your own account, below list out some of the functions you can do with member page. Multiple reports are available, and you can even demand any report from our developer.
  • Web based call log
  • International call block
  • Online account management
  • Online payment, reload, billing
  • Add phone lines, or add IP-Phones
  • Control many phones lines with one account
  • Call detail records downloadable

  • How to use AlienVoIP as your VoIP Service Provider

    You can use AlienVoIP via several methods.
    1. Use it with softphone, basically no charge at all, some of recommended softphone listed here.
    2. Use it with IP-Phone, you can find a list of available IP-Phone here.
    3. Use it with IP-PBX, we recommend A400 IP-PBX. However, any model that support SIP should be able to use our AlienVoIP service.
    1. Use it with SoftSwitch such as Asterisk, Free PBX, Elastix, etc. You can find the configuration here.
    2. Use it with mobile phone, you can setup AlienVoIP service in your Android or IPhone easily. Guides are provided on the configurations here.
    3. Use it with ATA (telephone adaptor)

    VoIP Call Centre Solution

    Reliable and high sound quality. Please click HERE to learn more. Contact us to get a quote and start saving!

    Additional Information

    Best Malaysia VoIP Service Provider

    VoIP Services with Broadband Internet

    Malaysia government and broadband internet provider has worked very hard to upgrade the broadband quality in Malaysia these few years. The backbone is now at the best performance, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) just work!
    Today, VoIP is very popular among all new corporates in Malaysia. Any new company buying PBX or IP-PBX should contact us to explore how AlienVoIP's VoIP services can help the corporate to reduce cost and gain higher productivity.
    Please call us now and get a quote today!

    AlienVoIP Features

    Local & Long Distance Dialing Web Based Call Logs Free In-Network Calling for postpaid International Call Block Online Account Management
    Lowest Rate VoIP Work With Any SIP Softphone Work With Any SIP Hardware Caller ID Call Forward
    DID Number Online Member Console Online Payment, Reload, Billing